How to Find Authentic and Trustworthy Sellers on Grey Market?

Grey Market offers impressive vendor-transparency which is what a buyer can use to find authentic vendors on the marketplace.

Extensive detailed about these vendors can be vetted by simply clicking on the vendor’s username on a product-listing. Details such as the following are shown to buyers, which include:

  • The ratings of the vendor.
  • The level of the vendor (it’s gained with successful trades, hence higher level indicates a frequent seller).
  • Number of Orders (Closed / Open and Disputes).
  • Joining / Last Login and Vending-since dates.
  • Trusted Seal.

Any vendor with higher sales, having a “Trusted Vendor” seal, and good rating is generally a much better choice than a new vendor with lower or no sales, and lower ratings.

Additionally, reviews and ratings from past customers of the vendor are displayed as well, these get a buyer pretty good insights about the overall nature and performance of the buyer.