How to Purchase Items on Grey Market?

In this guide we will show what’s the order-process Grey Market has bought with itself.

What’s interesting is, it’s a wallet-less market (read more details in our Grey Market review), hence the order process differs slightly from other marketplaces.

Disclaimer: Trading on Darknet Markets is illegal. Do not do so. Doing so will completely be your own responsibility. This Review/guide is only for Educational and research purposes.

The steps involved while purchasing an item from Grey Market are:

Step 1-> Adding a BTC and XMR return address (mandatory).

Step 2-> Finding the required product and choosing the quantity and the payment method.

Step 3-> Entering shipping information (preferably Encrypted with the vendor’s Public key displayed on the same page).

Step 4-> Choosing between Escrow and F.E (when available).

Step 5-> Making the payment to the displayed address.

Step 6-> Clicking on the “Payment Sent” button.

How to Cancel Orders on Grey Market

In case you’d like to cancel an order on Grey Market, that’s possible as well.

Step 1-> Go to your Orders by clicking on “My Orders” from the top-bar.

Step 2-> Click on the Order ID.

Step 3-> Click on “Cancel”.