How to Register on Grey Market?

If you’ve gone through our Grey Market Review, you probably know that no part of Grey Market can be accessed without registrations.

Grey Market lures users with not only a free account, but also with the fact that it doesn’t need any invites or special links to be Signed up at.

When a user registers on Grey Market, they generally ensure:

  • No real-life information is used while registering. Such as their pet’s name, ex-girl/boyfriend’s name, favourite cookie or anything else.
  • They have a VPN to mask their actual IP addresses. Recommended VPN service is NordVPN, which is offering his service in very low price, only in $2.99/Month.

Also, it’s a pretty good idea to just “NOT TRADE” or involve in any activity on any Darknet market at all, it’s illegal, don’t do it.  If you do, all actions will be your own responsibility and creators of this guide/article/website can in no way be held liable.

This guide is only here to provide comparative-details about the registration process this marketplace has built, as compared to the other marketplaces available in the industry.

Here are the steps to register on Grey Market:

Step 1-> Launch Tor browser and enter the Marketplace URL http://greymtqdzxqec5ox.onion/.

Step 2-> Click on “Register”.

Step 3- >Enter a Username (this is used to Login, and is displayed on your account/orders etc).

Step 4-> Enter a Password.

Step 5-> Enter a PIN. It’s a numbers-only field, and should be kept secret. This is used to recover accounts if you lose your passwords. (Also read-> How to Recover Lost Accounts on Grey Market?)

Here’s a video explaining the steps better: