This project is exclusively created and is dedicated for Grey Market. Considering how Alphabay, Dream, Hansa and a number of markets shutdown for one reason or another; the Darknet Market gap is what this Grey Market review seeks to bridge a bit.

Oh wait, we’ve got a lot more than just the review! If you glance at the top-bar, you’d see a number of navigational links. We’ve got the Tutorials on how to get things done on the marketplace (with videos)! And also a F.A.Q which should answer most of your questions related to the marketplace.

Anyway, this page is dedicated to the review of the Marketplace. And by review, we mean we’d discuss all the primary aspects of the marketplace such as:

  • Registration
  • User-Interface
  • Products
  • Security
  • Payment Modes etc.

Grey Market Overview

Grey-Market is a marketplace that came out less than 3 months ago. Yet the features it offers so far and its product-stock isn’t as disappointing as I initially thought they’d be; from a research-comparative perspective.

Here’s an overview of the marketplace comprising of all the primary features we’d talk about throughout this Grey Market review:

Note that the numbers above are true for the time of writing this Grey Market review only, they will absolutely change by the time this review goes live and you read it.


The reason we’ve included “Registration” at the very top of this Grey Market review is, the marketplace is only accessible after registering.

Hence no other feature would make sense unless you’ve registered and logged in to your accounts.

Alike most other DNM registrations, the Grey Market registration too only asks for the minimum-details. Simply a username, a password and a PIN is required.

It’s absolutely free as well.

(Please refer to our guide on How to Register at Grey Market for a step-by-step video tutorial on how to do so).

User Interface

Let’s start with the interface that Grey Market throws at us users when we first login. Here’s the screen that’s presented:

The left-sidebar consists of a search-feature. Unlike most other marketplaces which have a separate search-box, this marketplace decided to make it a primary feature on the marketplace.

It’s mandatory for users to use the search-feature if they wish to find their products. (We’ve got a separate section on the efficiency of this search-feature in the later sections).

Anyway, the way the marketplace displayed products did impress me. Each individual product-listing had almost all the important information about the product. Meaning buyers do not have to go to individual product-pages to get the information they seek.

In the above example, I get to know:

  1. The price of the product.
  2. The fact that it accepts F.E but not Escrow (as Escrow isn’t mentioned).
  3. The shipping source and possible destinations
  4. The level and rating of the vendor.
  5. And the currency accepted for the product.

This makes browsing and selecting a product much faster.

And the various other sections of the marketplace, such as the users’ control panel, messages, notifications, orders etc. can be accessed from the top-bar.

My Verdict: The UI is pretty easy to navigate around and very informative.


The primary difference between a Darknet Market and a clearnet E-commerce website is the “products” they sell. Darknet Markets sell illegal goods (mostly), which isn’t the case with clearnet markets.

Grey Market sells almost everything that any other Darknet Market in the industry does. Currently the total product-stock on the marketplace is 749 individual listings.

It has a very neat division of products, for e.g. the primary categories on the platform are just three, which are:

  • Digital
  • Drugs
  • Services.

However, each category offers many sub-categories and at times even sub-sub categories for their products.


Drugs is the most product-rich category on the marketplace and accounts for over 60% of the marketplace’s total products with 400+ individual listings in this category alone.

It also has the most sub-categories, each of its sub-categories are dedicated to various different kinds of drugs. Everything from plant-produces to factory-made pills are available.

Some of the available categories are Cannabis, Weed, Hash, Speed, opioids, Stimulants, Prescriptions, Psychedelics, Ecstacy etc.

Digital Items

The Information sub-category under “Digital” mostly has Porn accounts, cracked VPNs and licenses, Spotify licenses, software etc.

The Guides category is dedicated to guides on How to produce drugs, bank transfer setup guides, guides on how to make money online and so on.

Fraud” mostly sells financial products, such as PayPal accounts, Counterfeit  money-making templates, VPN accounts, other bank accounts etc.

Security currently only has VPNs, which probably are there as they provide security and anonymity to users.


The last primary category on the marketplace is “Services”, it’s not as product rich as the other two categories (yet) and only has around 20 listings so far.

Its “Hacking” sub-category obviously offers products related to Hacks and exploits, such as a Ransomware source-code, WifiPhisher, Password crackers etc.

Documents” offers services related to fake and counterfeit documents. You can buy documents such as a driver’s license, passports, social security numbers etc.

Money related services include fake notes, Western Union transfers, money-templates, money transfers from other accounts etc.

My verdict: The quantity of products is acceptable. The categorization is impressive, however at times some products seemed off-category.

(You may refer to our guide on “How to Purchase Items on Grey Market” for a step-by-step video tutorial of the same).


We’ve gone through the UI of the marketplace, and the products in this Grey Market review.

But because it’s a Darknet market, the security features being offered are another important aspects which ought to be covered. Don’t you agree?

I’ll break down the security offered in two sections:

  • Trade-Security
  • Account Security.

Trade Security

This section will deal with the security offered for “trades”. As in, anti-scam measures, guarantee of a successful trade etc.

The features offered are:

  • Escrow
  • Wallet-less Deposits.
  • Vendor-Transparency


The first feature which ensures a trade between a buyer and a vendor isn’t botched is the marketplace’s Escrow.

When using Escrow, the buyer doesn’t send money directly to the vendor. Rather, the money is reserved with the marketplace’s Escrow .

This is a win-win situation, as this guarantees it for the vendor that the buyer won’t refuse to pay once the order is delivered as the money already is out of the buyer’s hands. While at the same time, for the buyer it guarantees that the vendor won’t refuse to ship the product.

The Escrow only releases the money to the vendor after a successful delivery of the product; else the buyer can dispute the trade and get a refund.

Note that Escrow may not be accepted by all vendors.

Wallet-Less Deposits

This is one of the most trust-evoking features a marketplace can offer. It basically is a purchase-procedure in which the buyer isn’t require to “Deposit funds to a marketplace’s wallet”.

Rather, the buyer will only deposit funds to Escrow at the time of buying a product on the checkout page.

This ensures that funds only amounting to that one purchase are sent, without any extra funds being in the wallet.

This also ensures that the marketplace can’t exit-scam, as it won’t have large pools of user-funds sitting in wallets.

In worst-case scenarios, a buyer may lose the funds sent for 1 purchase. But because a marketplace won’t generally exit-scam for one or two Escrow-funds, chances of it exit-scamming are next to zero.


Another anti-scam measure is the marketplace’s transparent-nature. It displays a lot of information about a vendor before a buyer makes a purchase from him/her.

You should peek at our guide on “How to Find Authentic and Trustworthy Sellers on Grey Market?” guide for a step-by-step tutorial.

Account Security

Unlike “trade-security” discussed in the above section on this Grey Market review, this section is about features which ensure the security of the accounts on the marketplace.

These features generally are in place to prevent hackers from getting in, or causing much damage to accounts if they do get in.

The currently available security-features are:

  • 2-FA
  • Login-History
  • PIN


2-FA stands for 2-Factor Authentication. It’s a security-measure where a key/authentication more than just the “password” is required to login.

Now on the clearnet, websites can send OTPs (One Time Passwords) to a user’s cell-phones to verify their authenticity.

But giving away “cell phone numbers” isn’t exactly a Darknet thing now, is it?

Hence, this is achieved via PGP keys on Grey Market. Enabling 2-FA requires a user to save his/her public PGP key to their accounts.

Then on login, a PGP encrypted message is displayed, which can only be decrypted using the private-key-pair for the public-key which was saved on the user’s account.

This makes sure that even in case a password is compromised, a hacker can’t get into user accounts unless the PGP-key is compromised as well.

Note that PGP is also used to encrypt communications (address, names etc). between the vendor and the buyer which further increases security.

(We’ve got a step-by-step video tutorial on How to Enable/Disable 2-FA on Grey Market as well).


The PIN is a secret number, which is set by users during registration. This number is used to recover user accounts lest the access is lost.

This doesn’t exactly prevent a hacker from getting into accounts, but it does prevent them from changing your login details and barring you permanently from accessing the accounts.

(Again, you can glance at our guide on How to Recover Accounts on Grey Market).

Login History

Not a major “anti-hacker” feature, but more like a surveillance measure afterwards. The marketplace displays a user’s last 3 login histories in the “Login History” tab.

This can be checked periodically to ensure that the dates and times match with your login times. If someone logs in and it’s not you that data will be here and can’t be erased no matter what.

Passwords and 2-FA can be changed if something of that nature is detected.

My Verdict: So far, the security features and the anti-scam measures are parallel with other marketplaces.


As promised in the earlier sections of this Grey Market review,  we will talk about (in detail) about the search-panel it provides.

We judge the potential of a search-feature based on its filters. Any search-panel which has tons of filters will naturally allow for a more narrow and pin-pointed search, don’t you agree?

Here are the filters that the search-panel currently provides:

  • Product Category: So a user can specify the exact category to search in.
  • Keyword: The main keyword a user is searching for can be specified; e.g.- Green Weed.
  • Type: So users can be clear on their requirement of a “Digital” or a “physical” product.
  • Currency: This helps users choose a currency they’re comfortable with. This currency is then used to denote/display all the prices on the marketplace.
  • Bitcoin/Monero filters: Users can “tick” the currency they’d like to pay with.
  • Escrow/F.E: Users can specify if they need only those products which allow Escrow and/or F.E.
  • Ship from: Choice of selecting a “origin country” for the product.
  • Ship to: Choice of pre-specifying the country users want a product to be shipped to.

My Verdict: I searched for “Drugs ” in the “drugs” category, without modifying any other filters, and for some reasons turned up with 0 results. The same happened with other pretty generic searches as well.

Hence I’d say the search-panel isn’t very impressive at the moment, or is probably temporary down.


Vending means the ability to sell products on a Marketplace. While there are some marketplaces which do not allow individual sellers, and are completely admin-controlled, Grey Market isn’t one of them.

Rather, Grey Market welcomes sellers and vendors and already has managed to get over 125 of them.

A vendor on Grey Market can sell anything everything Child Porn, Weapons, Fentanyl and Carfentanyl.

Becoming a vendor on Grey Market is free for established vendors (if the reputation and sales-history can be proven using PGP), or is priced at USD $99.00 for each vendor account.

The free vendor accounts are only available for Signup till 1st September, 2019. Fee for these vendor accounts can be paid in Bitcoins, as well as Monero.

(You may be interested in our step-by-step video-guide on How to Become a Vendor on Grey Market).

Payment Methods

Down to the very last section on this Grey Market review; its payment methods. These effect the transactions times of an order as well as the anonymity and hence are important.

Grey Market accepts payments in:

  • Bitcoin
  • Monero.

My Verdict: Additional support for Monero provides more options, and faster order-placements for buyers.


I’ve tried my best to make this Grey Market review as detailed as possible, and you can read my one-liner verdicts at the end of each section above.

Although overall, I’d say the marketplace even though is just budding is already giving cut-throat competition to its contemporaries in the industry.

Sure there are features which are missing, for e.g. some marketplaces offer Multisig, a better search-feature and maybe a bit more currency support as well; but none of those seem to have ever stopped DNM users from using a marketplace.

Forget not to go through our Guides on how to get most things done on the marketplace, this Grey Market review was “informative”, those are the tutorials.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What are Wallet-Less Deposits

Walletless Deposits are a new Deposit method Darknet Markets have come up with to eliminate exit-scams. Earlier Marketplaces required users to deposit funds to a marketplace wallet, these funds were then used for various purchases. The Wallet-less method however mimics the clearnet E-com purchase procedures, as in there’s no “wallet” involved. Users find a product, and only make payment for each individual product on the checkout page.

  • What is Grey Market PIN used for?

Grey Market PIN is a numerical code created by users during the registration process. It is used to recover accounts if and when access is lost.

  • What is Finalize Early?

Finalize Early is basically the opposite of “Escrow”. It’s only available for some vendors on the marketplace, who have reached a certain “trust level” and have proven themselves. These vendors have the ability to ask users for F.E trades. In these trades, Escrow isn’t involved and funds are sent directly to the Vendors.

  • Does GreyMarket have an Affiliate Program?

Yes, the marketplace seems to have come up with an affiliate program as well. It pays 25% of the market’s commission to the user who refers users to the marketplace. Although note referring users to a Darknet Market is completely illegal and shouldn’t be done at all for any commission or Financial gains.

  • Does GreyMarket offer Support?

Yes, the marketplace support team can be contacted from the “Support” option on the Top-bar. It’s a ticketing-like system.

  • What are the Grey Market Mirrors?

Grey Market Mirrors are alternative links that the marketplace offers, which lead to the same marketplace in case the primary isn’t working.

The three Grey Market mirrors currently live are:

  • greymtqdzxqec5ox.onion
  • greymtjdnzgc2ok7.onion
  • greymtfzg7d5jdrk.onion


  • How many confirmations does Grey Market need.

For Bitcoin, Grey Market needs 3 confirmations.

  • What is the Payment-window on Grey Market?

Once an order is initiated, users get a maximum of 2 hours for the payment to be made for that specific order. If not done, the order is nullified and a new order ought to be created.

  • What is the Minimum Deposit on Grey Market?

As explained in our Grey Market Review, the marketplace doesn’t function on a wallet-system, and hence there’s no minimum deposit requirement.

  • Is using Grey Market Illegal?

Absolutely. Using any Darknet Market, including Grey Market is illegal, because the products bought and sold there are illegal.

No article/page/or sentence on this entire website promotes or encourages you visiting the marketplace and/or trading there.

If done so, will totally be your own responsibility and we shall not be held liable in anyway for any of your actions.